Spring 2014 Update

  The weather so far this spring has been near-perfect for my entire garden! The apricot tree (pictured above) bloomed profusely and set so much fruit that I feel confident I will get a few ripe apricots at the end of the season. Last year, I only had a few that survived past spring and … read more


Garden Tour 2013 – House 2

Note: The house numbers I’m using on my posts do not necessarily correspond to the numbers used in the tour. This whole yard was just adorable. Small and cozy, there were areas for sitting and eating in the shade as well as new beds for vegetables. Lots of cute objets d’art arranged throughout the space, including stacked … read more


Garden Tour 2013 – House 1

The view from this house was nothing short of amazing – the whole city of Boise is visible from the backyard! The long, winding trip up to the house might be worth it for that view. I loved the enclosed vegetable garden area here. It was very cozy and just the right size for the … read more


Summer 2013 Update

It’s been a bit quiet around here… but things are definitely hopping in the garden! We had a week in June where it rained a LOT and then its been the usual HOT Idaho summer since then. We’ve had some setbacks. One of my pepper plants succumbed to the heat, and one tomato plant developed … read more

photo of iris garden

JoAnn’s Iris Garden

  Last Friday, my mom and I went to JoAnn’s Iris Garden in Eagle, Idaho. I’m sure a few of you were affected by the freezing temperatures last Wednesday, and unfortunately the irises didn’t fare well. But the plants were already bouncing back and looking quite beautiful. It’s one thing to know that irises come … read more


Spring 2013 Update

After six long months of closing on our house, moving, unpacking and settling in, plus going through Master Gardener training, it’s finally almost summer and time to jump back into blogging and gardening! We spent a few days hauling compost and spreading it around in our garden beds. I have the trellises I’ll need setup. … read more


Autumn 2012 Update

Another gardening seasons is coming to a close and I’m always amazed by how fast time passes. It seems like just yesterday I was planting seeds and then struggling with my seedlings being damaged by the frost. The last 2 and a half months have kept me busy with looking for a house, and then … read more


A Closer Look

As helpful as it is to see the big picture, its just as important to lean in and really look closely at a garden. There are all sorts of surprises to be had! Plus, you learn so much more about how the plants grow and you’ll be able to see potential problems before they get … read more