We have always had a small garden area in the backyard, and I had planned on planting a few things in it this year. Then we heard about a friend who was going to build a raised bed with chicken wire underneath, so the gophers wouldn’t ruin the garden. We have a problem with gophers so we thought we’d try this same idea! Thus began our biggest project yet.

Here’s what it looked like to begin with (after we dug up all the dirt and mixed it up a bit, and took out the surrounding bricks):


Then Jon built the retaining wall, laid down the chicken wire, mixed in “garden soil”, filled the bed and placed the path down the middle:


Next we extended it even more, and I planted everything (that took a lot of planning):


We will eventually extend the garden all the way to the fence (and plant some raspberries near the back corner), and next year maybe make it into an “L” shape against the wooden fence. Jon did AMAZING work on this, I really am impressed with how it turned out.

Here’s the final arrangement of the plants as of today (the existing area is 12ft x 8ft):


I just now noticed how different the hill behind our chainlink fence looks between the first pic and the last. If you go up that hill, there’s a canal there, and that’s where we get our irrigation water. The city maintains that area, and in the 2-3 weeks it’s taken us to complete our garden, they’ve mowed the grass behind the fence and it looks like its dried up a lot already. We need to get back there with a weed wacker to get what’s right up against the fence. I plan on planting enough stuff against the fence that eventually we won’t be able to see much back there!