Oh, the frustration of garden pests!!

First, we’ve got the gophers. They figured out how to get into the garden despite the chicken wire and are now stealing onions and chewing on other plants. Everyday or so I find a new place they’ve come up. I’m not sure what to do about them! We’ve tried the sonic deterrent devices, but apparently those don’t work anymore either.

And second, I now have TONS of earwigs (ewww) all over my zucchini and maybe my strawberries too. I found some advice for trapping them in water, so I put out a tin full of water (and bread, since they like yeast I guess) so we’ll check on that in the morning.

I did make some zucchini bread that turned out awesome, so that’s fun. I just hope I don’t lose the rest of my zucchinis to the bugs!!