I have always wanted a fountain in my backyard. Any kind would do. This spring I bought a couple really big pots, and planned on using one to make a fountain. My parents gave me a fountain pump they used to have in their backyard, since they decided it wasn’t quite what they wanted. All I had to do was waterproof the inside of the container (using Thompson’s Multi-Surface Waterproof spray) and plug the bottom (using silicone caulk). Then I stacked up bricks inside, and covered them with rocks from the yard (I still need a few more, but it’s good for now).

Here is my container fountain! I am so happy! Maybe tonight I’ll sit outside on the porch and enjoy the sounds. It’s too hot to be outside now!



I may add a plant or two, that might look pretty awesome. I plan on making my other pot into a simple water garden with plants and pretty rocks, but that might have to wait till next year, when I have a place to put it.