I really meant to write more posts this spring. Between work picking up, moving to a new office (now with a long commute) and the weather being so bad, I haven’t had much time or inspiration to write about gardening!

The upside of my new office and the extended drive is that my chosen route takes me through the countryside. As much as it exists in the near-desert here, at least. I see farms of all types and sizes, and I think about how much I’d love to have so much room some day. So much potential and opportunities. It’s beautiful out here and I’m glad I have the small space I do at the moment.

Of course this area isn’t without it’s challenges. At our house, we fight against a very persistent and fearless gopher (he came out of the ground in front of Jon yesterday!). We’ve laid down metal mesh in our veggie bed and hope that will keep our edibles safe this year. But the rest of the yard is fair game as far as the critter is concerned. I worry for my flowers!!

A fun surprise this year is the presence of what seems to be a rabbit. All the leaves on my snap peas were delicately chewed off. And the lettuce was nibbled.  We’ve put some barriers up that should keep him out!

And finally there’s the weather. After a lovely few weeks before and after the frost date, the temperatures dropped, it rained for days on end, and we had no sun whatsoever. The seedlings I had planted started looking very sad indeed. Despite me being sick, yesterday we replaced a lot of those sad plants with the last of what we had inside. If these fail, I will have almost entirely failed my first year of growing things from seed!! Live and learn, I guess! I do have high hopes; the plants look great so far. I don’t have many seedlings of any kind left… mostly tomatoes.

My mom and I also planted most of my herbs in my containers. That was great, getting that done.

I made a few notes on how I could improve my process next year. I have certainly learned a lot and accomplished a lot.

Pictures of everything are on the way, I just need to get over this darn cold and find some time!