Wide View June 18

Wow, what a month. It started out COLD and rainy, and has ended HOT. I feel like the weather has been more wild and unpredictable than usual, but I feel like I always say that! I know there has been more rain than usual, that is for sure. In general that’s good, of course, but we haven’t had enough sunny days to really get the veggies going.

I had some days when I doubted that I would have any successful plants at all. We’ve had more bug and animal pests than last year, and it’s been very frustrating. All of my morning glories, seedlings and seeds, were destroyed. I plan to try again in a container instead of in the ground (so the neighborhood cats don’t dig them up!) so we’ll see how that goes.

Last weekend, I spent hours outside weeding, replanting seeds, and planting some new flowers in the front yard. My mom came over to help with the new flowers, and to weed more! I always appreciate her help with the weeds.

After we were done, I looked at my dirt-covered hands, and it reminded me of my days in art classes. Going home with paint, clay or ink all over my fingers and clothes. Gardening has become an outlet for my creativity and energy (the little I have these days) and gives me something to look forward to.

I feel a lot more optimistic now about how things are going to turn out… I can’t wait to see all the flowers and vegetables start to take off like last year. My veggie garden was so vibrant at the end of the season, and I know it will be that beautiful or even better this time. The front yard is a new project this year, and already looks much better than it has is the past.

That’s all my thoughts for now… here is a picture of the lovely sunset produced by the thunderstorm tonight. Farewell, June!

Sunset June 29