My garden has gone into low-maintenance mode; I just need to make sure the plants get enough water and they do the rest! The plants are starting to really flourish, some are starting to produce vegetables. I’m feeling a lot better about the general state of things, though there are still some things I’m worried about. My zucchini plant in particular hasn’t started growing any zucchinis yet, although it’s finally starting to grow well.

Cosmos (top left)

This year I have many more kinds of flowers growing throughout the yard. The cosmos and zinnias I planted as seeds have stayed alive and the cosmos started to bloom this week! I was beyond proud of them! I wasn’t sure they’d make it. I’m waiting on the zinnias to bloom!

Summer Flowers

And my containers are doing well, too. I replaced my pansies in my bench pot, they finally wilted. I planted Vinca and Angelonia and I’m excited to see how they do!

Front Porch Containers