Summer has ended and autumn is in full swing. We had a little bit of warm weather follow us into October, but tonight it’s supposed to get close to freezing so I think our growing season is over. We covered the tomato and artichoke plants; I hope they make it through the night.

I picked my one artichoke tonight! I am so excited. It’s a bit on the small side, but its the first year so I didn’t expect much!

Morning Glories

My morning glories finally bloomed. I wasn’t sure they would. I had so much trouble with these flowers… first I planted seedlings grown indoors, and those died. Then I planted seeds in a container and it took them forever to get established.

This weekend I need to start clearing out the beds and pruning some shrubs. Basic fall gardening chores, but they need to be done!


I have a couple impatiens on the front porch that always make me smile. Such pretty colors and beautifully shaped flowers. I caught one flower as it was unfurling one day.

Plans for next year’s garden are already being formed in my mind. Expanding beds, putting down mulch (or gravel!), new shrubs… so many possibilities. Definitely going to expand into the shady areas of my yard and grow some shade loving plants! That will be new for me.

Thanks for reading – I promise I have some neat pictures from my Hawaii trip and now my Oregon trip coming up soon.