My favorite time of the season (besides eating that first cherry tomato, maybe…) is when my seedlings are ready to be planted in the ground! They are practically jumping with excitement. Maybe that’s just me. We bought some awesome trellises for the climbing plants (cucumbers, pumpkins, cantaloupe, peas and beans) and that should give us some awesome results.

Everything I sowed grew really well, except the basil. For some reason, they barely grew at all!

I have lots of things this year, and am willing to give away seedlings and transplants of the following kinds:

Tomatoes: regular, cherry, and chocolate cherry (yum!)
Peppers: green and red
Strawberries – fully grown plants
Chocolate Mint

Edit: I also have extra Cantaloupe and Pumpkins (little ones).

If you’d like something (and I would love to trade, BTW, even if its some seeds) let me know and we can meet up somewhere. I drive across town a couple times a week so nowhere is really out of the way.