Finally, all the plants are in the ground and starting to get established! We really got a slow start this year, and that was partly due to the weather. According to the Idaho Statesman, this spring was much wetter and cooler than usual. We got more rain, more often, and even now that it’s officially summer, the weather is staying relatively cool. My gardening experience from previous years seems to be failing me at this point… I just hope we get some good, hot weather in July and everything takes off spectacularly!

I looked back at last year’s post from late June, and I felt the same sort of pessimism then, too. Like I said last year, I just need to have faith in Mother Nature.

Here is a wide angle shot of the main garden bed.

Garden - June 2011

We hung up a sign I was given last year; I really like how it looks!

Garden Sign

We expanded a bed alongside the house to use for peas and beans, as well as some flowers.

Peas and Beans

I also continued adding pots to the container herb garden this year, and have quite the assortment.

All my Herbs

The front yard is coming along as well. I decided that next year, the front yard will be my main project. Ideas from the book The Edible Front Yard are really inspiring me right now!

Front Garden - 2011

How has the wet spring affected your garden?