Inspired by this article about garden books, I thought I’d post a list of the books I own, and the books I’d like to own. I get a lot of amazing gardening books from the library branch down the street, but there are a few that are so awesome, I’d like to have my own copy!

My Books:

growgreatgrub Grow Great Grub – One of the first gardening books I ever purchased. Beautiful photos, and thorough information about various kinds of plants. I also have Gayla’s book You Grow Girl, which has projects and great advice. Gayla’s site – – is wonderful too.
botanyforgardeners Botany for Gardeners – How does a garden grow? This book dives into the biology of gardening. Knowing the mechanics of plants can help you deal with problems, and further appreciate the miracle of the garden!
gardeninginidaho Gardening in Idaho – Month by month guide to growing a garden in Idaho. It is a helpful resource with sections on vegetables, flowers, and lawns. Includes advice on planning your garden.
hortmag Horticulture Magazine – Of course, this isn’t actually a book. But this magazine offers some really great tips and inspiration, and I highly recommend it.

Book Wishlist:

gardenanywhere Garden Anywhere – A guide to growing things anywhere with any amount of space.
homegrownherbs Homegrown Herbs – Beautiful pictures and drawings, and in-depth charts make this the best herb book I’ve ever seen.
waywegarden The Way We Garden Now – This book has more than 40 yard projects ranging from simple to complex.
backyardhomestead The Backyard Homestead – Having a self sustaining “homestead” is really appealing these days!
seedtoskillet From Seed to Skillet – I’d like to be able to use all my vegetables and herbs to cook delicious and healthy meals!

Just as a sidenote, my birthday is coming up. Just kidding. Sort of. 🙂

What books do you have that you love?