We have made progress! It’s hard to tell from day to day, but looking back a month shows that all of our plants are surviving and thriving.

I am embarrassed about the weeds that grow so tall behind the fence!! Jon is planning on weed-whacking those sometime this summer!

Garden - July 2011

Garden - July 2011 closeup

I think the only thing that’s really lagging behind is the zucchini. We had so much trouble getting those plants started, and they are doing their best to grow!

My beans really love climbing that trellis, and I have a few that are almost ready to pick! Again those weeds are embarrassing – I’ll be putting down weed barrier there next year, for sure!


And finally, the first green tomatoes. So excited to have some almost ready!

First Green Tomatoes

The weather has continued to be wild and unpredictable. We are on a temperature roller coaster like I’ve never experienced. We go back and forth between 80 degree and 100 degree days on a weekly basis. We’ve had thunderstorms that actually give us rain… so strange. And my raspberry plant seems to have given up. All the fruit that was ready or close to being ready dried up in the last couple days. We’ll see if it recovers!

Altogether, we’re doing well.