Seedlings 2012

Hurray for Spring! I hope you are enjoying it so far.

I seem to forget every year that the transition from winter to spring here in Idaho involves some truly staggering amounts of wind. Our house is pretty exposed and the wind seems to rip right around the house off and on for a few months. This makes for a loud atmosphere in our home, and everyone gets a little edgy (including the cats).

I have most of my seeds sown and quite a few have emerged (see photo above!). I’m always slightly nervous that my seeds won’t germinate at all, but of course they always do.

I’m trying some fun new things this year, including Lumina (white) pumpkins, Carnival (multi-colored) carrots and Purple Pod Pole beans! The garden should be truly colorful and fun.

My two nieces are moving back to Boise with their family in a month and while I was planning this year’s garden, I kept the girls in mind. I thought those colorful carrots would be exciting, as well as the pumpkins for Halloween (I also have Howden pumpkins and baby pumpkins). Does anyone have suggestions for gardening with children? One will be 3 this year, and the other will be 1, so her involvement will probably be minimal!

We have a big project ahead of us this year: we are planning on expanding our garden! We will be adding another 10×10’ area, which is why I have room for all those pumpkins as well as some watermelons.

I have an exciting announcement to make, so stay tuned for that, as well as many new posts this year about all sorts of topics. It’s going to be a great season!