I spent the afternoon at the Idaho Botanical Garden, participating in a Fairy Garden workshop and then taking some photos of the garden.

Fairy gardens are little havens for passing fairies (or ones already living in your garden) to stop and rest, hang out, and hopefully stay for awhile! 🙂 We all got three small plants: thyme, rosemary, and partridge feather. Next we needed to decide on some things to build. The teacher showed us all different sorts of ideas, and she mentioned a gazebo, and that idea really stuck with me. So I spent most of the time putting together this little structure (click on the photo for a closer look)!

The teacher provided branches from a spiral willow, lots of beads, tiles, rocks and shells. The options really were endless. We used hot glue, and I’m sure if I’d spent more time carefully applying the glue, I wouldn’t have strings of glue all over! After I was done with my gazebo, I was stuck for what to do next.

Her examples included a swing, and I thought that would be a fun, whimsical thing to build (again, click the photo for a closeup). I also put together a little circle of stones to focus the fairies’ magic.

This is just the beginning of the fairy gardens I will build, I’m sure! This house on last year’s garden tour had some inspiring examples. There’s also a site devoted solely to the fairies of the world – Mini Garden Guru!

It’s so fun to have some playful elements in the garden like this.