moonflowers damaged by frost

Gardening, like any endeavor, has its own set of potential setbacks and pitfalls.

This past weekend, temperatures dropped below freezing on both Friday and Saturday nights. My plants were safely situated in a plastic greenhouse, or so I thought! Somehow it got cold enough and most of my tender seedlings were damaged by the frost. Some of them may survive and come back to grow into full-fledged plants. Others, like most of my tomatoes, will probably not bounce back. I do have a few smaller plants still in the nursery (our laundry room), but it occurs to me now that I shouldn’t have put all my big plants outside!

There’s always a chance that you’ll discover there are rabbits on the loose in your neighborhood that will chew on all your seedlings (this happened to us last year). Or the temperature will soar into the 100s and no amount of watering can keep your plants from drooping. Or a particular plant will refuse to thrive and you have no idea why.

As heartbreaking as it can be, accepting that a few of your plants will die is a very important step. It’s not your fault and you can always buy another plant from the garden center. Learn what you can from each plant’s demise and keep on gardening.