kitchen tins with plants inside

Note: The house numbers I’m using on my posts do not necessarily correspond to the numbers used in the tour.

Toy car with flowers

The annual Garden Tour was this past weekend and since the tour was later in the summer than usual, everything was really blooming! It was very warm, too. My mom and I had a lot of fun.

At this first house, we were charmed by the whimsical items used throughout the garden. I really liked the arrangement in the kitchen jars (above). There were a couple tins to the side you can see as well, so it was like an outdoor pantry!

I think this car was my mom’s favorite thing in this entire garden, though it was hard to choose just one thing. There were so many details included everywhere, such as a tiny driver on the very front of the car. All the flowers were so colorful as well.

metal flower decorations

There was plenty of metal artwork, like a trellis with blue beer bottles and these flowers to the right. Random things like bed frames, shoes and old washing machines were filled with plants, and I observed that it would be so fun to spend every day in this yard!

The current trend of miniature gardens was included here too, but I’ve never seen an actual dollhouse in someone’s garden.

Click on any of the photos and you’ll get linked to my Flickr account, where there are more photos of the garden at this house. I couldn’t decide on just 5 photos to use, but I also couldn’t fit any more in this post!

mobile made with driftwood dollhouse in the garden faerie house