edible garden with wooden ladder to the side

Note: The house numbers I’m using on my posts do not necessarily correspond to the numbers used in the tour.

This second house was a lovely retreat and I would love to spend more time there (and use some of the ideas in my own garden)!

stone and wood stairway leading up to the backyard

The tour started with this beautiful staircase, and as we came to the top, we saw an edible garden (photo above) and a meadow-like area with lavender and lots of other flowers. The bees were buzzing and I laughed to see the metal bee in the middle of the lavender bush.

Most of the yard was in shade and there were some lovely hostas, as well as lots of bright alliums (below). There were a few that grew together and I thought it was sweet.

The porch at this house looked like a very nice place to spend warm summer evenings. I absolutely loved this bird fountain off to the side – the bucket fills up and then tips down. Very cute!

lavender bush with metal bee artwork two alliums growing together bird fountain with bucket that moves