Expansion - After

We completed our garden expansion the first weekend in June and I’ve been working since then to get everything planted! At last, everything is in the ground and settling in. Our kitty, Hazel, sure enjoys the garden as well! She likes to chase the bees and butterflies.

Expansion - Before

Check out this post to see what our garden looked like last year before we started expanding this time. We piled on some leaves to make the grass easier to take out (see the photo to the right). After we dug out the grass and leveled the area, we laid down more hardware mesh to keep the gophers out and built the wall. For some reason, the local hardware stores don’t carry the same size bricks that they did last year, so we had to use slightly smaller ones.

Then we picked up a load of aged manure from a local ranch, and some friends and family were kind enough to help us bring it to the backyard one wheelbarrow at a time! Later we brought some topsoil in too, and finally it was looking just about finished.

friends and family helping us move dirt

Now begins my favorite part of every gardening season: watching everything grow and start to produce yummy food. There’s so much potential out there! Endless opportunities to learn new things and then the excitement of planning for the next year (I’m not the only one who’s already thinking about what I’ll do next season, am I?).

How are your gardens doing? Did they survive that wind storm last week? Enjoy the nice weather!