photo of my back porch, with a table and chairs

Happy first day of Summer! What a beautiful day already. We’ve had such wild and windy weather so far this year, I wonder what Summer has in store for us. It will be an adventure, I’m sure.

a closeup photo of my fountain

I’m very proud of all we’ve done in our backyard. We finally have a lovely place to sit, relax and enjoy nature. Our back porch now features a set of chairs and a table, which my parents kindly gave to us. The back of the house faces due East, so around 3 in the afternoon the shadow from the house starts to fall over the porch, and its a perfect place to eat dinner.

Off to the right, you can see my latest finished project. Last week I went to a water garden workshop at the Idaho Botanical Gardens and was inspired to finish my fountain I’ve had for a few years. I went down to Farwest Garden Center to get water plants, and found some rushes and water hyacinths. Hopefully the hyacinths will flower a bit before too long and add some color (purple)!

close up photo of two zucchini plants

Plants around the garden are starting to flourish. I love to see the bright orange flowers on the zucchini plants! Very soon we’ll start harvesting zucchini and I’ll probably regret planting five (three of which are a new variety to me – round zucchini)! Anyone want to volunteer to take some off my hands, maybe even in shredded form? Haha. We’ll have plenty of cucumbers as well…

I’m considering doing a video tour of the backyard, if you’re interested in seeing that! I’d love to see other people’s gardens and the yards that surround them. Enjoy the day and stay cool tomorrow when the temperature climbs towards 100 degrees!