I’m sorry it’s been quiet around here for the past couple weeks! For those of you who get the newsletter, I wasn’t able to send one out this month, but we’ll pick back up again in August! For those of you who would like to get the newsletter, sign up here!


I want to make sure everyone knows about these 7 ebooks that are on sale during the month of July. I’ve downloaded most of them and I’m sure they will be featured in the Garden Book Club in the near future! You don’t need an e-reader to view them.

I’m signed up for this year’s Master Gardener program, and I’m really excited for that to start in September!

And now for the biggest announcement! We are looking for a new house! My sister-in-law’s family will be moving into the house we currently rent, and I will help her start gardening next season. So you will see pictures of a familiar garden for at least another year! And when we find a place of our own, you will be able to see us create a new garden. I’m really excited about this new adventure!

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