Wide View of the Garden

I realized I hadn’t posted any pictures of the entire garden since we planted everything, and thought you might be curious to see how the garden is coming along. I’m very happy with the progress so far this year, and I feel like its mostly due to the weather. We had a nice, warm June, and July, of course, has been very hot. Other than some really spectacular wind storms, the weather has been consistent and enjoyable.

(Click on the photo if you’re curious which plants are what; I added notes to my photo so you can mouse over and see.)

I’m growing four kinds of peppers this year, which is a first for me. I usually only grow green bell, but this year I added Bull Nose Bell (heirloom seeds from Monticello!), Jimmy Nardello’s, and Candlelight. I’m very exciting for the Candlelight peppers. They’re tiny, bright colored peppers that should be a lot of fun.

I’m growing more kinds of tomatoes than I have before – every one of the plants is something different. I can’t list all the types off the top of my head… we’ll see which turn out the best, though. I’ve had two tomatoes off my plant called Tigerella, which have neat stripes on them (obviously, haha).

I will have pumpkins galore at the end of the season! Big orange and white ones, as well as little ones of all colors (if those plants start growing a bit more, that is…). Also  a first this year is watermelons, which have taken over the area I planted them in, like I knew they would! I only planted two and wondered, at the beginning of the season, if that would be enough. It certainly is.

The cantaloupe and honeydew on the trellis have been very, very slow and I wonder if we’ll get anything out of those. I figure that every year there’s something that just doesn’t work out, and everything else has been great, so I guess its those melons this year.

This is the point in the season where the harvest is beginning, mostly cucumbers and zucchini, and I wait with excitement for the chance to pick tomatoes, onions, and peppers! How are your gardens doing? Have you picked your first tomato?