Closeup - Mini Pumpkin

As helpful as it is to see the big picture, its just as important to lean in and really look closely at a garden. There are all sorts of surprises to be had! Plus, you learn so much more about how the plants grow and you’ll be able to see potential problems before they get out of hand.

Closeup - Green Bell Peppers Closeup - Chocolate Mint Ripe Tomato
Closeup - Cantaloupe Closeup - Candlelight Peppers Closeup - Sugar Baby Watermelon

From left to right – Top: Green Bell Peppers, ready to pick; Chocolate Mint with its helpful sign; A ripe Tigerella tomato; Bottom: A cantaloupe ripening on the trellis; Extreme closeup of Candlelight Peppers, finally starting to change colors; My second Sugar Baby Watermelon to appear.