photo of my garden so far this year

After six long months of closing on our house, moving, unpacking and settling in, plus going through Master Gardener training, it’s finally almost summer and time to jump back into blogging and gardening!

We spent a few days hauling compost and spreading it around in our garden beds. I have the trellises I’ll need setup. This past weekend we had to repair part of our irrigation system – very necessary since its been so hot! It feels like late June, not May! Looks like this week will be cooler, which will be nice.

Jon and I don’t have a separate room available for seed starting, so I needed to buy most of the things I wanted to grow. Hopefully next year we’ll have a greenhouse built for starting seeds, but this year it was nice to not have to worry about that part. Last week, my mom and I went to a greenhouse near my old house to buy our plants. I got all the herbs I wanted and more! I also got tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Since it looks like we’re going to be frost-free from now on (there’s no snow left on the mountains) I’ve debated going ahead and planting everything, but we need to sort out our drip lines a little bit first. I did plant all my herbs in pots and the new herb bed, so I’ve made some progress! I’ve also planted my carrot and bean seeds, and our lettuce is thriving in the shade of a tree.

I’m looking forward to sitting on our lovely backporch, eating grapes from our huge grapevine, and having BBQs all summer. This is going to be a great year.

Grapes Sage Lilacs