It’s been a bit quiet around here… but things are definitely hopping in the garden! We had a week in June where it rained a LOT and then its been the usual HOT Idaho summer since then.

We’ve had some setbacks. One of my pepper plants succumbed to the heat, and one tomato plant developed Curly Top Disease (look for a future post on that). My bean plants aren’t getting enough sun and my pattypan squash is taking over its bed. It’s been so interesting learning about this new garden space and seeing what works and what doesn’t. I’m already drawing up plans for next year (more artichokes, less pattypan)!

The weekend before last, we pruned some branches on a number of our trees and that’s changed the sun exposure in the herb garden. Hopefully next year I’ll have more luck with that area, since it was a bit of a bust this year.

Some tomatoes are ripening and we’ll have cucumbers soon!

Cucumber and Squash Itty Bitty Artichoke Jelly Bean Tomatoes