The weather so far this spring has been near-perfect for my entire garden! The apricot tree (pictured above) bloomed profusely and set so much fruit that I feel confident I will get a few ripe apricots at the end of the season. Last year, I only had a few that survived past spring and the squirrels ate them for a tasty snack!

Salad Table We built a protective cover for the salad table to keep the squirrels and other creatures out, plus it protects the delicate lettuce seedlings from the wind. I sowed quite a bit more seed than I have in the past as an experiment; I’d like to see how the table functions when each area is completely lush with plants! So far it’s been working quite well (pictured to the left, with the cover against the fence) except for the middle section, which holds my head lettuce varieties. I’m not sure what is holding those plants back, but I’ve continued to sow seeds in the hope of filling out that third of the table.

All of my five tomato plants went in the ground a couple weeks ago, thanks to the addition of the Wallo Waters that were gifted to me. I’ll have a separate post about the process of using those next week.

The snap peas are growing quite vigorously and I’m not entirely sure what’s different this year that would account for it. I have read that March and April were the wettest they’ve been in 20 and 30 years, respectively, so maybe it’s the amount of rain plus a slightly warmer early spring. In any case, once these plants begin to flower, I’ll have more peas to harvest than I ever have before and that’s very exciting!

Tea Garden New to the garden this season are two small salvaged beds that I plan to use for a tea herb garden. I have chamomile, lemon balm, borage, lovage and bee balm planted already. The location may not be ideal, as it is quite shady, but I’m prepared to move them if necessary. It seems as though the lemon balm (which I overwintered in pots in the garage) is doing well so far.

I have one more trip to the nursery planned to get cucumbers, and the edible portion of the garden will be complete. Now I just have to plan the areas where I will plant ornamental annuals and perennials!